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For the section about the American Sailing Association (ASA) on your website, you can use the following text: Join the Voyage with the American Sailing Association (ASA) Welcome to the world of sailing with the American Sailing Association (ASA), a hub for sailing enthusiasts, professionals, and learners alike. Founded to set the standard in sailing education, ASA has flourished into a comprehensive network, encompassing over 400 affiliated sailing schools worldwide.


The Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in 1956 on the North Shore of Lewisville Lake. The Club and its nine acres are nestled on one of the most beautiful sections of the lake. The view is spectacular. For more information visit.

Vela Sailing Supply

Vela Sailing Supply is our go-to source for all sailing equipment, parts, and supplies. From quality sails to hardware and accessories, they take care of your sailboat from top to bottom. They also outfit customers in the best clothing and gear on the market, with wind- and weather-resistant options to keep sailors safe and dry.

US Boat Haulers

Professional Boat Transport, powerboats and sailboats, 30 feet and up in length and up to 70,000 pounds. We will haul it for you, from Coast to Coast, in the US and Canada!

Sailing Anarchy

Sailing, watersports, powerboat racing stories, blogs, sailing news, sailboat classifieds and sailing websites from around the world.

A Scout’s Guide to Boating Knots

Knot-tying has a variety of purposes, but the usual reason to tie a knot is to connect two pieces of cord or rope. When boating or sailing, whether on yachts or smaller watercraft, tying knots is an important skill, as boaters need knots to secure their vessels to a pier as well as to assemble and repair rigging for sails or nets. Some knots are only intended to hold things together temporarily, while others are designed to be very secure. Security and safety often rest on the type of knot you choose to use and the quality of the knots you tie in your line. Read more…


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