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ASA105 Coastal Navigation


Enhance Your Boating Skills

Our Coastal Navigation Certification program assesses your proficiency in traditional and electronic navigation techniques for near coastal waters. You'll complete a comprehensive navigation course and take a challenging exam to earn the certification. Our course covers all aspects of coastal navigation, including dead reckoning, celestial navigation, and electronic tools like GPS and radar. You'll practice what you learn through practical exercises and simulations. Upon passing the exam, you'll receive a certificate of completion that demonstrates your skills and knowledge in coastal navigation. Our certification is recognized the American Sailing Association. Join our program today to take your navigation skills to the next level and earn a valuable certification that can enhance your career or personal pursuits in boating and sailing.

What you’ll learn!

Interpret navigational charts and identify relevant symbols, markers, and hazards
Use dead reckoning and estimated position to determine vessel location and direction
Interpret weather forecasts and make routing decisions based on current and forecasted conditions
Plan and execute coastal passages using traditional and electronic navigation techniques
Understand collision avoidance rules and regulations, and identify potential collision situations
Identify aids to navigation such as buoys, beacons, and lights, and use them for safe navigation
Use radar and electronic chartplotters to enhance situational awareness and avoid hazards
Understand the principles of tides and currents and how they affect vessel movement and navigation

In-Class Certification

This is a classroom-only seminar lasting 3 consecutive Saturdays, 9am-5pm. It is usually offered during the winter months. If you are well versed in traditional navigation techniques, challenge this course and proceed to the next level.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive the ASA 105 Coastal Navigation Certification. This certification is recognized by the American Sailing Association.

ASA105 Pricing

All prices are for on the water private lessons, to make sure not crowd the boat.




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