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This is the entry-level sailing course for beginner or novice sailors. Our standard format is a total of 14-16 hours, with 3-4 hours in a classroom setting and 12 hours on the water in three separate 4-hour sessions. Private or semi-private lesson formats may vary slightly, but our standard format is only 2 students per boat to ensure maximum learning outcomes. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the ASA Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification (ASA 101), which is taught to the ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification standard. You will develop basic boat handling and sailing fundamentals, including rigging and unrigging the boat, basic knots, rules of the road, points of sail, crew coordination, safety equipment, sailing in confined areas, docking under sail, local sailing considerations, outboard motors, docking under power, and general review.


A Challenge course is strictly a matter of you demonstrating your sailing ability. The standards will be fully explained to you. You will be given some time to practice and become familiar with the boat. The instructor will act strictly as an EVALUATOR and may NOT supervise in the execution of those sailing drills (if a particular drill is unfamiliar to you, the instructor may demonstrate, but not offer supervision). During a Challenge course, you may decide that you would like additional supervision. If so, at your option, the course may immediately transition to a Refresher course. The instructor may now offer supervision and suggestions. Once this transition happens, a new Challenge course may NOT be rescheduled for that same day. Pricing is hourly so there is no penalty for making this decision.

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This course has a 2 hour minimum




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