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ASA104 Bareboat
Cruising Certification


Basic Cruising Certification (ASA 103): This certification is a prerequisite for our course and ensures that students have a basic understanding of sailing terminology, sail trim, and boat handling.

  1. Minimum of 6 days charter experience, as skipper, aboard a 30ft (or greater) sailing vessel: This experience requirement ensures that students have a good understanding of sailing in real-world conditions and have experience as the skipper of a vessel.
  2. Minimum of 3 nights at anchor, as skipper, aboard a 30ft (or greater) sailing vessel: This experience requirement ensures that students have experience with anchoring and the necessary skills to safely anchor a vessel.

Mastering Daytime Cruising Skills for New Sailors

This sailing course is designed to teach new sailors the necessary skills to safely and responsibly skipper, crew, or bareboat charter an inboard auxiliary powered cruising sailboat within sight of land. With a focus on daylight hours and moderate to strong wind and sea conditions, our comprehensive course covers all aspects of sailing, from basic terminology to advanced navigation and safety protocols.

What you’ll learn!

Sail Inventory & Selection
Daily Check List
Securing the Boat
Figure-8 Over-Board Recovery
Quick-Stop Over-Board Recovery
Boats Tool Inventory
Advanced Knot Tying
Under Power, Confined Areas
Dinghy & Outboards
Emergency Recovery Plans
Moorings & Advanced Anchoring
Basic Navigation & Charts
Comprehensive Boat Systems
Charter “Check-In” Report
Group Parties & Rafting

Private lessons

These Lessons are taught on a private basis to ensure a solid foundation. We allow a maximum of two students per boat. However, this is a live-aboard course and is somewhat like a vacation. You are welcome to invite up to two guests to share this unique experience with you for no additional charge. Your guest will act as crew and will not receive certification.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the ASA Bareboat Cruising Certification (ASA 104).

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