J/24 Rentals

We have a fleet of fully equipped J/24 sailboats on Lake Lewisville. They are available for rent exclusively to qualified sailors. Proof of sailing competency is required either by demonstrating your ability to sail at the ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification Standard (by taking our ASA 101 class) or by demonstrating the ability to sail at the ASA 101 Standard & complete our “Lake Orientation briefing”.

Membership Rentals

Sail Dallas provides membership-only rentals to ensure the best service and sailboats for our valued sailors. Our membership program offers unlimited sailing with our J/24 sailboats for the term of your membership, subject to our sailing rules and guidelines. You'll enjoy the freedom to sail whenever you want, subject to the availability of the boats. We do have some limits on your access to sailing, including access limited by your capability, wind speed, boat availability, and daylight. Additionally, you are limited to a rolling-total of 20 hours of future reservations, but you can add additional reservations as you use or delete them -up to a total of 20 hours. However, there is no limit on last-minute sailing, subject to our sailing rules. Our online reservation system makes it easy and convenient for you to reserve your boat directly online.

HOw to rent

To rent one of our fully equipped J/24 sailboats you will need to follow the steps below very carefully.

  1. Contact us to schedule your check ride.
  2. Once you have completed your check ride you can then pay your membership fee and yacht club fees with DCYC.
  3. Once the fee is paid you will then be sent an email containing your login info.
  4. Then click Rent button below to put in your login. You will then be able to reserve your boat for the allotted time slot

Membership Pricing

Rental includes motoring class and two hours of on the water coaching.










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