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ASA 101; Basic Keel-boat Sailing Certification (or equivalent) The sailing student must demonstrate their skills and knowledge in two ways, with a practical exam (on-the-water skills assessment) with a certified ASA instructor and completing the multiple-choice, 100-question written examination with a score of at least 80.

Intermediate Keelboat Sailing

This Boat Handling course is part of a series of Intermediate Keelboat Sailing Workshops. This 4-hour course assumes proficiency at the Basic Keelboat Sailing and Motoring levels and requires no classroom time. you will begin with a review of docking under power, followed by a short review of sail trim and handling. Next, you will learn the "Quick-Stop" Overboard Recovery technique, In addition to these skills, you will review confined quarter sailing skills, including docking under sail, and "Balancing the Helm," which will separate you from beginner sailors. This workshop is designed to help you become a more confident and competent sailor, giving you the tools to handle a boat in any situation.

What you’ll learn!

Docking under Power
Review Sail Trim
Balancing the Helm
Quick Stop Overboard Recovery

Boat Handling

This course has a 2 hour minimum




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